Your Licensed Insolvency Trustee - Bankruptcy and Debt Resolution in Victoria, Nanaimo & Duncan BC

Hayes McNeill & Partners Ltd. has been operating as a full service insolvency firm since 1972. With our substantial experience in the field of insolvency we are able to provide a wide range of professional solutions to your individual or corporate problems.

Our free confidential initial consultation will assist you in determining the proper alternative given your present financial situation.
Looking for a Bankruptcy Trustee in Victoria, BC?
Bankruptcy trustees in Victoria and throughout Canada are now titled Licensed Insolvency Trustees, certified by Canada’s Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy to help people struggling with debt. At Hayes McNeill & Partners Ltd. offices throughout BC, we have experienced Licensed Insolvency Trustees, to help you become debt-free. We can stop the collection calls and help you put together a manageable plan to repay your debts and get back on your feet. Read More »
Business Bankruptcy in Nanaimo & Duncan, BC
For businesses facing bankruptcy in Nanaimo, Duncan or elsewhere in southern British Columbia, we are certified to draft Division I Proposals, review your business for potential reorganization, act as a Receiver or Receiver-Manager, or file for bankruptcy. We can also assess a company’s viability and make recommendations for reorganization or refinancing. Schedule a consultation to assess your company’s finances and help you recover from temporary setbacks. Read More »
Before You File for Bankruptcy in Vancouver Island
If you’re thinking of declaring bankruptcy, our Vancouver Island debt professionals offer free initial consultations to help assess your current financial situation and discuss the options available to those facing bankruptcy. Visit any of our 5 Hayes McNeill & Partners offices throughout Vancouver Island and Vancouver for solutions tailored to your financial problems. Know Your Options »